Thin Film Deposition and Etching Systems

​Systems for PVD, ion beam etching, DLC and optical fiber metalization.

Atomic Layer Deposition Systems

Dual chamber hot-wall reactors for both research and production.

​   ​      LABTEC SALES, Inc.

Plasma Processing & PVD Systems

Benchtop and stand-alone plasma etch, ICP, RIE, PECVD, Barrel Ashers, and PVD Systems.

RF and End Hall Ion Sources

Ion sources for cleaning, densification and etching of materials.

Rapid Thermal Processing Systems

Benchtop atmospheric systems with dual-side heating to 1200 degrees C for 4", 6" and 8" wafers.

Spector Ion Beam Deposition System

Dual ion beam deposition systems for high quality films.


Multi-Functional Table Top Systems

Sputtering, E-Beam, Thermal and Organic Evaporation Deposition System. R&D and Teaching System